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Check our customer reviews to find out what to expect from our Certified Organic skincare.

Tea Tree Pore Tightening Firming Mask

I actually got this given to me by a friend and I was pleasantly suprised. It made my skin feel nourished and supple. It was so quick and easy to use which was great for my busy schedule and didnt leave any greasy residue. After continual use I started getting compliments on how much healthier my skin looked.

jo lam

LA’BONIC Certified Organic Intense Nourishment Treatment Mask

This is just what I needed!
I received this as for a beauty review trial and can honestly say I have been so impressed by this product! When I first opened the jar I noticed how yummy the product smelt... off to a good start! I read the instructions and applied to my face. It honestly felt like honey was being put on my face and went on so smoothly. This mask doesnt firm up and instead stays gooey the whole time you have it applied. I Loved the way it felt on my face and within a few minutes i had forgotten I had it on. When I took the mask off I instantly noticed that my skin was more dewy, plump and looked so much better!! I was over the moon with the results and can't wait to use this product again.... Definitely worth the $40!

Tips: Make sure to apply a thick layer over the face and neck for best results


LA’BONIC Certified Organic Intense Nourishment Treatment Mask

Leaves my skin smooth, refreshed and dewy.
When I opened the mask and smelt it I was pleasantly surprised - it has very minimal fragrance which is great if your skin is irritated by it. The texture is smooth, kinda waxy and I wondered if it would leave a film on my face after I removed it, but it didn't. It wiped off easily and left my skin feeling smoothed, refreshed with a lovely dewy effect. My skin is normal-combination but I do have dry areas especially during winter and the changing seasons. The true test for my skin was how well my makeup goes on and it went on very smoothly and stayed put. Three days later I have had no breakouts or irritated skin.


LA’BONIC Certified Organic Intense Nourishment Treatment Mask

I wasnt expecting much from this mask as i have tried others saying they will nourish and leave skin feeling soft and lovely and they fail to do so, but i was pleasantly surprised with this one. After just the first mask, my skin was so soft, moisturised and left with a glow. There is a subtle smell but is nice. I love this mask, it is great!! definitely recommend this mask, you wont regret it :)

Tips: Leave mask on for 30 minutes for best results.


LA’BONIC Certified Organic Intense Nourishment Treatment Mask

Exceptional hydrating mask
I was choosen to review this mask and have to say i am very impressed and this will now be one of my beauty essentials from now on. I like to use natural skincare so if you are looking at changing to natural skincare or already use it this is a mask i would highly recommend to try. The La Bonic mask has a thick waxy like texture and isnt like any other mask i have tried before, its very consentrated so a little goes a long way as the Jar would give many applications providing it to be good value for organic skincare. The smell is very subtle and has a fresh rosehip smell and would be great for dry, dammaged, tired skin or just as a weekly skincare treat. After leaving it on for 25-30 minutes i remove with a warm wet facecloth and it leaves my skin feeling smooth,fresh and hydrated. I have normal skin with no problems and think this would suit any skin types, although it does feel greasy on application and feels like it would be more suitable for dry skin i think any skin type would appreciate this mask as a treat and hydration a few times a week.


LA’BONIC Certified Organic Intense Nourishment Treatment Mask

A new favourite product
I used this product twice over a period of a week. It has a nice light refreshing smell. It definatly made my skin feel more hydrated and fresh!!! The next morning when I woke up my skin felt so much softer and I felt it left my skin glowing. Easy to use and did what it said it would. Didn't leave my skin feeling greasy either which is a plus!!! I would highly recommend this product if you have dry skin and are wanting to give it a boost. A new favourite product, thank you BR!!! I also felt it is good value for money as if used twice weekly it would last quite awhile :)

Tips: I would recommend using it a few times a week to get dry skin really hydrated.


LA’BONIC Certified Organic Intense Nourishment Treatment Mask

Re hydrating skin mask
Fantastic product, apply a thick layer to your face, I have dry skin all over, especially around cheeks, forehead and chin, I noticed a change to skin texture the next day, i have been using this weekly and will continue to do so. I really love this product and will purchase once my sample has been used up. Skin feels refreshed and is looking normal now not dry

Tips: I like the cool refreshing feeling of a cold mask, I have been keeping mine in the fridge, this will be a great treat in summer, straight out the fridge on to a hot summer face


LA’BONIC Certified Organic Intense Nourishment Treatment Mask

Was selected to trial this product by beauty review. This is not normally something I'd even think of purchasing but I'm glad I got the chance to at least get out of my comfort zone and give something different a try. Firstly, whilst the smell is subtle it reminds me of the living nature products, which I think must be the flax seed oil in it. The texture is similar to honey, just without the stickyness. Secondly as you put it on it starts to warm which for me, was such a nice relaxing feeling. I only got to use it 3 times during my allocated trail period and I can't say I felt any more hydrated than usual skin feels baby soft after only 3 applications. Good for my skin type which tends to be on the dry side and showing the first signs of aging. Highly recommend


Organic Hydra-Brightening Serum

I loved using this on my face, it glides on smoothly and feels wonderful. It doesn't leave a residue afterwards and I love that I am looking after the planet as well as myself.

Melissa Reynolds

Organic Hydra-Brightening Serum

Fantastic product, spreads well, with light fragrance, hydrates skin and absorbs quickly and feels great on the skin. Moisturiser applies easily over the top. Love this product.


Organic Hydra-Brightening Serum

This beautiful serum glides on easily and within days I have noticed a more even skin tone. I am extremely impressed with this product. I have sensitive skin and my skin loves this serum. I could swear my freckles are less pronounced! I have certainly noticed a difference in a short amount of time. A fantastic product in every way! :)


Organic Gentle Cold-processed Cleanser

I recently received a sample of this in the mail from LA'BONIC and I just tried it this morning. There was no directions on the sample pack so I came straight to this site and found them easily. I only used a few drops from the pack to mix with warm water and it made a lather in my hands not like a soap or a foam product would make. I applied it to my dry face and a little bit went a long way and it massaged into my skin very well. I washed it off and towel patted my face dry and my skin felt so soft and not dried out at all I loved it. It didn't irritate my skin in any way and didn't leave any sort of oily residue on my skin either. It is everything I look for in a cleanser and I can truly say I will be purchasing this cleanser once my one fully runs out. $35 for a organic LA'BONIC cleanser I think is very affordable and money well spent.


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